Pre-Ballet: For Children who are 4-5 years old and have no training. Introduction to how a class works, classical music, stretching and moving in time to the music.


Division 1:  For new ballet students ages 6-8  or have gone thru pre-ballet. Classical ballet training begins with learning the vocabulary of steps along with terminology and technique.


Division 2: Generally for ages 8-10 who have gone thru Division1. A continuation of Ballet vocabulary and terminology. Placement and technique are strongly stressed. Students must attend all Div 2 classes.


Division 3: Generally for ages 10-13 who have completed Division 2.  Longer combinations, musicality, technique and placement are all worked on. Students must attend all Div 3 classes. Stronger students maybe asked to take Div 3  pointe .


Div 3  Pointe: Students will be invited by the teacher when the student is strong enough, has a good understanding of placement and technique and a sufficient vocabulary of steps.


Open Ballet: Anyone 15 years or older who is on an intermediate to advanced level of training. Placement timing execution of steps and combinations are stressed.


Open Pointe: For older students who have had several years of ballet and have an inter/adv level strength and technique. Entrance into this class is by teacher approval.


Children's Jazz: An introduction to Jazz dance and vocabulary of steps. Placement and technique are taught. Generally for Div 2 and Div 3 students


Open Jazz: Broadway and a lyrical style of Jazz for the older dancer. Vocabulary of steps , technique and placement are all stressed as well as timing and musicality.


Adult Ballet: Adult ballet is for adults who have had some training and are on a beg/inter level.